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Bonus Episode: Pride Mixtape!

LGBTQ+ Pride Month 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim VA-11 HALL-A Saga Frontier Bahamut Lagoon Dragon Age Inquisition Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator Night in the Woods Stardew Valley Paradise Killer Gone Home Star Ocean Second Story Disco Elysium The Outer Worlds Bugsnax Cyberpunk 2077 Psychonauts 2 Boyfriend Dungeon Hades

Jessie has put together a very special mixtape to celebrate Pride Month!

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0:00:00 Brat Overflow - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
0:01:54 Intro
0:06:34 Every Day Is Night - VA-11 HALL-A
0:10:15 Asellus' Theme - Saga Frontier
0:13:18 Sub Battle - Bahamut Lagoon
0:14:52 Val Voyeaux - Dragon Age Inquisition
0:16:00 Eliminate the Impossible - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
0:17:38 Food Donkey - Night in the Woods
0:19:56 Song of Feathers (Emily's Theme) - Stardew Valley
0:22:43 Sunset Song - Paradise Killer
0:25:55 Dedication - Gone Home
0:26:57 Dynamite - Star Ocean Second Story
0:29:58 Ecstatic Vibrations, Totally Translucent - Disco Elysium
0:33:29 Simply the Best! - The Outer Worlds
0:34:38 Chandlo and Snorpy Head Home - Bugsnax
0:37:42 Wushu Dolls - Cyberpunk 2077
0:39:55 Helmut Uncorked - Psychonauts 2
0:41:08 Fallin' - Boyfriend Dungeon
0:44:45 Good Riddance - Hades