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Bonus Episode: The Flower Cup Mixtape!

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What's your favorite track in the second cup of the Mario Kart series? No matter what your answer is, we've got the tunes here for you in an awesome mix to get your engine going!

0:00:00 Intro
0:05:30 Choco Island 1 (Super Mario Kart)
0:06:52 Toad's Turnpike (Mario Kart 64)
0:09:30 Mario Circuit (Mario Kart Super Circuit)
0:11:14 Mushroom Bridge (Mario Kart Double Dash)
0:13:40 Desert Hill (Mario Kart DS)
0:15:44 Mario Circuit (Mario Kart Wii)
0:16:57 Wuhu Loop (Mario Kart 7)
0:19:46 Mario Circuit (Mario Kart 8)
0:21:50 Ghost Valley 2 (SMK)
0:22:26 Boo Lake (MKSC)
0:23:24 Twisted Mansion (MK8)
0:25:21 Frappe Snowland (MK64)
0:27:21 Daisy Cruiser (MKDD)
0:29:28 Delfino Square (MKDS)
0:31:47 Toad Harbor (MK8)
0:33:40 DK Summit (MK WIi)
0:34:43 Music Park (MK7)
0:36:28 Cheese Land (MKSC)
0:39:13 Donut Plains 2 (SMK)
0:40:17 Choco Mountain (MK64)
0:43:21 Coconut Mall (MK Wii)
0:44:46 Waluigi Pinball (MKDS)
0:46:55 Bowser Castle (MKSC)
0:49:03 Mario Circuit (MKDD)
0:50:19 Mario Circuit (MK7)
0:51:09 Mario Raceway (MK64)
0:52:24 Mario Circuit (SMK)
0:53:01 Shroom Ridge (MKDS)
0:55:02 Rock Rock Mountain (MK7)
0:57:19 Shy Guy Falls (MK8)
0:59:01 Wario's Gold Mine (MK Wii)
1:00:31 Waluigi Stadium (MKDD)