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Episode 56: The Worst Job in all of Hyrule

mushroom city new donk city muslim chanting green blood banana counters boss dumb drum coconut creampies eugene levy pomp and circumstance

We've got a great show this week with returning guest Ryan Drake and 5 games of fantastic tunes! We discuss where all the cities are in the Mushroom Kingdom, Muslim chanting and revisions to a beloved classic, discuss some urban legends in gaming, Johnny takes his trivia game to a new low, Ryan pulls off his signature move by steering a video game conversation towards pro wrestling, we take a request for a great game that we haven't played, and finish off with a discussion of Eugene Levy's video game roles throughout the years!

Be sure to visit to learn more about Ryan Drake's charity! A 24-hour live stream of Ocarina of Time starts Friday, 4/7 at 8 PM Central! Donations are appreciated and could win you a piece of custom artwork from John H. or David!

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