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Episode 12α: Sexy & Dangerous

sexy and dangerous what is ancient who invented swords name a good third party mario game mario warriors his name is kid icarus archery is easy launch those crackers dream final fantasy threesomes final fantasy vii lemon party sling ring vs smoke bomb dream marvel threesomes

We're feeling explosively sharp on this week's episode, because the show is all about FIREWORKS and BLADES! Enjoy this episode from a safe distance and with your parents supervision!

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0:00:00 Welcome to Game That Tune!
0:08:05 Game 1
0:12:46 Game 1 Reveal
0:23:42 Game 2
0:29:29 Game 2 Reveal
0:45:02 Game 3
0:51:53 Game 3 Reveal
1:05:32 Game 4
1:14:01 Game 4 Reveal
1:26:52 Game 5
1:33:20 Game 5 Reveal
1:58:45 This Game's Winner Is...
2:07:29 Bonus Music/Outro