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Episode 4β: GTT VGM Fight Club!!

vgm fight club bangers

It's an all-new format for this week's GTT, but a format that VGM podcast fans may find familiar! We've taken this concept, along with the blessing of Darryl Bowers aka The Last Rican, and we're bringing you the first ever episode of the GTT VGM Fight Club! Johnny and Jessie are facing off in a battle of bangers to decide who has the greatest VGM taste and it's up to our live viewers on Twitch to decide! We hope you enjoy!

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0:00:00 Welcome to GTT VGM Fight Club!
0:08:13 Hypnospace Outlaw - I Am the Chowder Man
0:12:37 Super Lesbian Animal RPG - STAR ☆ POWER
0:22:51 Bloody Roar 3 - Dangerous Expectation - Prologue
0:26:43 Penny Time - Neon
0:35:16 Final Fantasy VIII - The Man With the Machine Gun
0:38:52 Foxy 2 - Main Theme
0:44:52 The Messenger - The Frozen Dark (Glacial Peak)
0:47:28 F-Zero X - Silence (Dream Chaser)
0:55:38 Sonic Mania - Chemical Plant Zone Boss ~ Mean Bean Machine
0:58:46 No More Heroes 2 - Philistine
1:15:50 Sky Shark - Stage 4