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Episode 10α: Catch Rogue if You Can

games with cloud saving rogue stealing professional skills dhalsim vs juggernaut bro down sonic knight batman knight for great joustus go away, baten don callis rpg detective pikachu plus batman what is the reverse spire rock bottom again

We've got games with cards on this week's episode, so be ready for open world adventures between minigames, wild character crossovers that happened and should've happened, gender non-conformity, and most importantly awesome VGM tunes!

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0:00:00 Welcome to Game That Tune!
0:08:56 Game 1
0:16:40 Game 1 Reveal
0:29:46 Game 2
0:36:51 Game 2 Reveal
0:50:22 Game 3
0:56:50 Game 3 Reveal
1:10:05 Game 4
1:16:59 Game 4 Reveal
1:29:14 Game 5
1:34:00 Game 5 Reveal
1:46:59 This Game's Winner Is...
1:53:09 Bonus Music/Outro