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Episode 7α: Fatpiss McKraken

fat piss crackin' fat piss kraken fatpiss mckraken no lakes jones past tense of speedrun spedran add one more team in every sequel first person dropkick we don't talk about encanto

The theme is WET GAMES and the GTT gang handles it with about as much maturity as you'd expect!

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0:00:00 Welcome to Game That Tune!
0:05:44 VGM Threesome!
0:08:45 Threesome Game 1 Reveal
0:17:00 Threesome Game 2 Reveal
0:25:53 Threesome Game 3 Reveal
0:29:27 Game 2
0:33:21 Game 2 Reveal
0:41:47 Game 3
0:50:52 Game 3 Reveal
1:05:50 Game 4
1:12:34 Game 4 Reveal
1:28:08 Game 5
1:32:30 Game 5 Reveal
1:47:28 This Game's Winner Is...