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Episode 358: Raging Into the Tuna-Verse

rot in jail yuji naka not because of the insider trading spaceghetti really empty space games really sensitive developers escape velocity the porno thanks odama pay no attention to the mystifying slit

Game That Tune is back from hiatus with games that outrage us and a huge announcement at the end of the show! Thank you for listening as we move forward into an exciting new chapter!

0:00:00 Welcome to Game That Tune!
0:06:04 Game 1
0:11:36 Game 1 Reveal
0:28:51 Game 2
0:35:12 Game 2 Reveal
0:42:23 Game 3
0:48:40 Game 3 Reveal
1:00:38 Game 4
1:07:50 Game 4 Reveal
1:18:58 Game 5
1:24:59 Game 5 Reveal
1:39:20 Lightning Round!
1:51:54 This Game's Winner Is...
1:55:41 Into the Tuna-Verse
2:08:01 Bonus Music/Outro

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