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Episode 169: Major in Bats, Minor in Blood

lotta goddamn white women all fan requests we love our fans butterfly games games with towns fascinatingly ugly characters dante fucked bruno mars unlike anything else on xbox games made to be niche hector belmonte professor dracula bats samuel l dracson samjackvania numbers pluvius the best tetris vodka fleminski coinstarring

We love our fantastic fans so from time to time we make the show all about them! This episode is all fan requests, which is awesome! But it's all fan requests chosen by Johnny, so it's less awesome. But we still have plenty of fun figuring out some of the big questions in life: who is Pluvius? What class does Dracula teach? Why did the Xbox fail in Japan? Where is the Crystalis? When did the best Tetris game come out? And that's not even mentioning all the awesome tunes! Enjoy!!

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